Considering Renoise...

I tried several trackers some time ago, but they didn’t support things that are essential for me. When I heard of the 1.5beta I decided to give it a try.
I just downloaded the beta2 demo and I love the look and feel. In fact, I think of switching to it and using it as my only host.
But to do it, I’d need to know the following:

  • Does renoise support automation of effect plugins?
  • Does renoise support MIDI controllers as the Evolution UC-33?
  • Can I record my jazzy piano solos using a MIDI keyboard without overdubbing on the same pattern again and again?
  • Can I record polyphonic MIDI data?

Any input would be appreciated! :)

  1. Yes (right click on a VST’s slider and drag and Renoise will create an automation entry for it, or create one directly in the automation section).
  2. Yes (Use the Remotemapper, which is a button in the upper left corner of the screen to map your UC33 to sliders).
  3. Sort of, but it would be awkward - I think you’d have to precreate a whole heap of patterns (I think - someone more knowledgeable feel free to correct me).
  4. Again, awkwardly. To record a chord, you have to hold down the left shift key whilst playing the multiple notes at once…not good for recording MIDI from a MIDI controller. Probably more made sense for computer keyboard based tracking.

Addition to 3 and 4:

There are two different edit modes, you can play the patterns along during edit mode (this is record mode) and in this mode “keyjazz” is on. Any solo you jam on your midi-keyboard, will be recorded as timed.

To get more humanize timing recordings in this mode (meaning recording delays slightly off-row or in between row) toggle “record note delays” button in the play-panel ( ) Either with mouseclick or lshift-`.

When you decide not to play the pattern or song-sequence, you can enter notes manually.
For a manual polyphonic keystrike, holding down the left shift button is required. You might not be able to strike all keys with one hand, but if you keep the shift pressed, you can key in your chord, note by note if you wish.
There will only be scrolled to the next editstep row when the shiftkey is released.

Hmm, no that is not correct. You can record chords with a midikeyboard without holding down shift, if you record playing live…

Agree. This works perfect in Renoise 1.28 and in 1.5 Beta 1. It also may work in 1.5 beta 2 but as I have analog modem, I still did not manage to download it ;)