Constellations (new-age)

Hi there! Here is track composed in new-age genre, quite inspired by Kitaro’s style.

The flute part is played by me on native bass flute, but a bit re-sliced/processed in Renoise.

(for those who follow me here, this is posted on my 2nd soundcloud account, dedicated to my new-age/healing project)

  • Sound design / choice of sounds is excellent. Fitting the genre.
  • Mixing / mastering is excellent. Very crisp sound.
  • Composition is a bit too much around 2 chords. Could have used a more sophisticated composition structure (with different chords for intro / bridge / chorus / verse / break / outro).
  • The overall performance is great. Well arranged sounds and great flute play.



I wouldn’t expect less from you fabrice.A remarkable piece once again,Congrats

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@EatMe Thanks for your detailed feedback and for the 8,5/10!
Finally a good note to an exam! :rofl:

You are right about noticed me to use more chords. I have a lack for building chords suites and need to focus more on that. That could improve compositions.

@stoiximan Thanks! I make my best!


Very relaxing vibe for me, I like this!

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Very nice. I am completely zen now. Just what I needed. :slight_smile:

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