Continuous Midi For Vsti?


I have been using Microtonic for quite some time and got used to the fact that to preview patches/programs, a note has to be sent first (and even then the preview doesn’t always work, especially on single patches). Yesterday I tried out Surge VST demo, and it seems to suffer the same problem, this time with GUI updates. After selecting a preset, the Surge GUI doesn’t update until a note is sent.

There’s a post at the Surge forums that confirms the cause of this issue (,753.0.html), I have tried it in FL Studio (works fine, seems to send midi to plugins continuously) and Reaper (the “Always run track FX” switch enables this behavior, is on by default).

Would it be possible to implement similar behavior in Renoise? Or is there some reason why it isn’t implemented?

EDIT: oh, I’m stupid, turning “Auto Suspend” off seems to do the trick, at least after the first note is sent…