Control Dsp Effect Values From Pattern Editor?


I’m new to Renoise and I love it. It’s the first tracker I’ve fallen in love with since ft2! :)

Anyway, I searched this forum and the documentation but i didn’t find an answer to this:

Is it possible to control the DSP effect values ( e.g. Filter Cutoff ) using the effect row in the pattern editor?

If not: is this feature planned?

let’s assume you’ve put the native DSP effect “filter2” as the first link into a DSP chain.
controlling the filter cutoff via pattern command, would then work like this:

      • . . 107F
      • . . 107E
      • . . 107D
      • . . 107C
      • . . (…)

this would cause the filter cutoff to slide down by one digit every row.
so the general “syntax” for this looks like this:


X = DSP number in the DSP chain. (first effect (eg. filter2) = 1, second one (eg.mpReverb= 2, etc.) - you can address up to 15 (1-f) different effect units by this.
Y = number of the effect parameter you want to address (eg. filter2’s first parameter is the cutoff, so there goes the “0” for column “Y”. if you wanna automize the resonance instead, go with the “1” for column “Y”.) - you can address up to 16 (0-f) different effect paramters by this.
ZZ = effect parameter niveau. 00 - FF (h), 256 notches.

tip: while dragging an effectslider with your mouse, watch the bottom left corner of renoise for an info, telling you what patterneffect command this would be in order to automize.
dragging the slider with the right mouse button, will automatically enter the respecitve value you control with the slider into the pattern at the current position.

Thanks guys.

Btw, keith303, remember Radical Rhythms? ;)