Control multiple instruments via one instrument

Is it possible to control multiple instruments from a singe instrument or play one key that then plays multiple instruments on the same key?

Basically I’d like to play 3 VSTs at the same time, just with note and velocity data and route the audio through one channel.

Thanks for any advice.

It is possible, but you can’t render the output from one channel.
the best advise i can give is connect three instruments to the same midi instrument and channel and then assign each instrument to a dedicated track.
For editing these notes (deleting one note on one track and having the other ones on the other tracks deleted automatically) i would advise http://forum.renoise…gement-console/ .
Something did happened in 2.8.1 that requires some fixing, so that version is still a bit dangerous when changing the visible instrument amount of the list in the gui, otherwise it should work reasonably fine.

I think you can play multiple instruments live, with a midi keyboard (every instrument has a hidden “MIDI Input” tab on the far left side of Instrument properties), but recording that action too, I’m not too sure.

Yes, i’ve been wondering this also.

I can use vV’s midi management console to layer instruments when playing my keyboard “live”, but i’d like to do the same with notes from pattern data, ie. one instrument in the patterns plays 2 or more actual (renoise) instruments, either native, vst, dssi, etc. Is this possible?

If those links are set, you can also record your notes to the pattern when edit mode is turned on and if note linking is turned on, you can modify all notes/effects by editing a single one in any of the linked tracks.
But also as answered in the PM:If you want to control muliple instruments using notes inside one track, you need a virtual midi cable and throughpatch the ext. midi to the midi-in of the next instrument. It saves you note-space in other tracks while they play fantastically in different tracks, but the downside of this construction is that the linked instruments won’t be rendered to disk if their audio output is linked to an empty note-track.

…i’m confused :? why would i map instruments to other tracks? what if i map them back to the track containing the notes?

btw thanks for your help on this!

Usually because you may want to apply different effect chains on each instrument or simply mixdown instruments individually.
That is very hard if you push all instruments through only one track.

…so, i have to create an empty track if i want to layer 2 instruments, 2 empty tracks if i want to layer 3 instruments, and so on?

well you can’t have two instruments on the same track. same in any DAW system I know as well.
I have had Renoise responding to 6 midi channels from a guitar synth working ok. that is reading the live midistream input though.
you sound like you want to stack instruments from the internal track data. the same solution applies as in other DAWs.
you copy the data from one track into another track and put in a different instrument. it would be nice to have an alias I guess.
so you change any one pattern and the others change. but I don’t think that exists.

You also have to assign them to those tracks in the midi in preferences and have theri notes automatically recorded in to them…

You can have multiple instruments in the same track, you just only make your live very hard when you want to mix them, because then you would need to mix the basics on instrument envelope level or even sample level. And using different DSP effects on different instruments is not possible.

…so, if i load an already existing module, there’s no way to just “assign” several new instruments to an instrument playing in the module, i have to copy&paste all the tracks and remap the instrument numbers?