Control Renoise Via Tcp Osc

Hi all!

Is TCP OSC implementation in renoise works properly?
I can’t make it work.
Only connection is established.
Which format of packets renoise wait in TCP mode?
Is there working example of control Renoise view TCP OSC?

it’s tcp or udp. you choose in the preferences.

what are you trying to do with OSC?
you may need to write a lua script to do specific things you want.

tcp is choosed.

I try to send test command: /renoise/song/bpm 100

in udp mode bpm will set
in tcp - no reaction

Hey E-Fir,

on which platform are you (Windows, OSX, Linux) and which app/tool do you use to sent the OSC data? Have you checked if other OSC clients do work fine with TCP in this setup?