Control Surface With Renoise?

I want to try and use a control surface (midi or usb) to use renoise live on stage. Did anyone try that?
Which one did u try?
And how would I go about setting one up to work with renoise?

I think you might run into sync problems. Specially with USB.
With MIDI this problem may not be there that quickly, as long as you don’t use samples next to MIDI instruments within Renoise (for what i understood from others)

What I need is to invoke samples or VSTis from Renoise…
I don’t really need midi instruments.
I guess it’s better, financially and latency wise, to use a laptop directly
but then it wouldn’t be as cool at all!!

that’s possible … and really simple … try it out …

hey all…

ive just bought an Evolution MK-249C which has usb support and also normal midi.
at first i was also a bit concerned about those latency times i heard about on da net…
but…now having one…hooked up with usb, it plays nicely, sure u have some latency and this differs with each vsti but nothing to worry about.

mine is listed for approx ~200$ but i got it second hand (3 months old, as new) for 110$… :)

succes !


M-Audio Oxygen 8 works great with Renoise.