Control Volume Column With Midi Pedal

Is that possible?

I don’t want to automate track volume as it’s a mixing volume.
I would like to change column volume value with my midi expression controller, but I don’t know if it’s possible in Renoise, though. Is there some trick to achieve that?

column as in note-column (using the xx volume column) or the whole track (using the xxxx effect column)?
If you can program your midi controller to broadcast velocity values (change the message originator value) for your control, that is the quickest solution.
If you want to perform something on the whole track, than using a gainer is the easiest to add and to map. Then enable/disable the gainer when you need adjustments.

If you are into scripting, you can script midi in signals to translate the specific CC message value to the desired effect values you need.

I’m talking about xx volume column.

I record sequences with my MIDI keyboard. I think I’ll need to use expression pedal . But I prefer that expression controller affect xx volume values instead of mixing value of the track.

I’ll check if I could change expression cc into velocity value. But what does the velocity value from keyboard become? Is it overwritten by velocity message from pedal?

If it can be changed at all (usually velocity value is send with note data in the same message array) it would probably be which is the last to conquer if you are recording everything at the same time but i expect that is not the purpose (i can’t think of any logical reasoning for that idea). But what is actually your purpose with this? perhaps there is a more suiting alternative solution.

Well, I’m trying to record a synth lead line in live. I think it would be better if I can have all the volume information (velocity and expression) into the same parameter ; it’s more convenient for automation for instance.

Renoise has a Midi control device that you can attach to an instrument (and also broadcast midi messages to an external midi device).
The midi pedal usually broadcasts a certain CC value to your Synth, if you know which one, you can use the CC value that you actually need to change on your synth (The channel volume CC is 07) in one of the unassigned slider controls in the Midi control device and then layout a control path to broadcast to your synth. The beauty of the Midi CC device is that you can map your midi pedal CC message to that slider and you sort of use the midi control device as a proxy for your pedal. It is just an idea though, because i misunderstand cyclic routing concepts quite easily (what one really needs vs what is actually possible.) For single note volume control, i don’t know if that idea works so swell.