Controling Rebirth Patterns & Sounds In Renoise

Hi Renoisers,

Ive “connected” Rebirth to Renoise using Midi Yoke, but how can I control every Rebirth note, drum sound or fx from Renoise level ? Do I have to use Automation Device, Midi CC Device or what ? Any one help please !

Note that I owe Renoise 2.0.0

Hi, :)

I think that you cannot control every Rebirth note via external sequencer. It’s Rebirth’s feature.
So you can only sync and automate some parameters via Renoise.
(it’s a bit old troublesome, but interesting freeware. Well, I don’t know about Rebirth very well, so maybe I’m wrong though)

First of all, I highly recommend you to use Renoise 2.1 (even demo), since you can connect them via ReWire easily.
If you are a registered user of Renoise, you can render Rebirth’s sound easily in Renoise (render to sample, whole song render).

Anyway, to control Rebirth parameter via Renoise;

  • Instrument Settings >> MIDI Properties: select MIDI Yoke port
  • Track DSPs >> load *MIDI-Control Device: set CC number which you want you use
  • Open Rebirth’s preferences: set CC number using quick mapping pannel

Btw, I tried to ‘MIDI sync’ Rebirth & Renoise 2.1, but I failed to sync both app via MIDI.
So again I recommend to sync via ReWire. It works fine.