Controller Controlling More Than Just Renoise

Hi y’all,

I’m using Dr.Drips’ MPK-49 Duplex Control Map and it seems to work great. I think I really like this MPK 49 controller but since it’s my first one I’m not really a good judge :)

I’m not sure if my question is related to this Control Map but when I control renoise and tweak knobs, both Renoise and the VST synth I’m using (for example PRO-53 or DiscoveryPro) also get affected.

That kinda sucks as you can understand, especially since I can’t find a way to stop those VST’s from interpreting the incoming input.
Any idea what that is / how to fix that?

I hope I made myself clear.


Hi, you have your mpk49 set as master keyboard, this is good because this way you can play notes with it as well.
to make sure only duplex gets the other control inputs, go to the preferences and uncheck “pitchband & controllers” in the midi tab.
(come to think of it, why is pitchband not seperate?)

this is not common because duplex isn’t designed to handle controllers with keys on it (yet).
but this will do I hope.

Yes! That did the trick. I looked at those options but thought it didn’t make sense to change those :)
Thanks a ton!

Oh, and again: Nice work on the MPK-49 Duplex Map :P

another thing that ive done with my microkontrol, cuz i was having similar problems, is to make sure you dont have any overlapping mappings, idk about Akai but Korg has a nice editor that makes it easy to change the control mappings to give more options and get rid of overlapping signals. The factory presets for the Korg all seem to have similar CC and notes mapped to different controls, kinda silly but whatever. The editor librarian runs while DAWs are open too with no loss of MIDI recognition so its easier to streamline.

Maybe thats not the issue but its good to keep in mind :P