Controlling A Vst Via The Automation

The problem is, that I’m not able to control 99% of all the VSTs I used until now in Renoise. Obviously there’s no way to control all the functions (Cut-Off, Reso and so on) of nearly any VST via automation. 99% of the VSTs aren’t even appearing in the list on the left in which usually the DSP devices are shown.

So there are two questions:

  1. Is it possible to control the VST functions via the automation?
    I’m sure it depends on how the VST was programmed. But isn’t there anything I can do?

  2. Is there any list of VSTs getting supported by Renoise and which could be controlled via the automation?
    It’s really disappointing that the VSTs are able to do so many great sounds and effects, but I’m not able to control them via automation in Renoise. So all the possible soundscapes apparently couldn’t be created via Renoise. It would help if there’s any list in which all the supported VSTs are shown.

Thank you for your advice!

Try using the “instrument automation” device. VSTI plugins are found under the “Instrument settings” tab. All this info is easy to find in the user manual.

Yeah exactly what’s said above : try to search on the left in the “meta devices” section. There you’ve got one that allows to create full control on each function of the vst, you can even select what are those you want to be first in the list ;) .

Another thing is : are you talking about VSTI, or VST effects ? Because the first ones appear when you click on the “Instrument settings” zone, you have a drop down list there.

The second ones should normally appear in the DSP section… Have you selected the right folders in the preferences menu, so Renoise could aim at the right place in your system to find them ? In this menu you also have a “scan” function. You have to activate it the first time you select a new foder to look into, and then there’s an option to tell renoise to “rescan” at each opening…

I’m a Noob with Renoise, but I hope this will help ;)

Effects will show their parameters in the Automation lanes of whichever Track they are loaded into.

Instruments are not tied to a particular Track, but can be used in any (and even multiple different) Track(s) throughout a Song. Where would you then expect Renoise to put their parameters? To stop Renoise making assumptions which might often prove false; this is got around by the Instrument Automation Device, as linked to by esp81. It also helps prevent the Automation section become too cluttered as some Instruments can have literally hundreds of different parameters (generally more than Effects) so if every single one was to be listed it would be a right mess!

All the information is readily available in the manual! Doesn’t stop this topic raising its head a little to regularly though…

Thanks, I think that’s it. :)

Now I just need to know how to control the vst samples just like the wave samples are controlled by the pattern effect commands. For example: If I would like to slide one tone down to another tone, there’s no possibility to do it with a vst sample, because a vst couldn’t be controlled via the pattern effect commands. Is there any other option? Maybe also via the automation or something else?

Yeah, that’s exactly why I don’t like vsts that much. I think automating the instr. Midi control device (there should be a default control for pitch bend there) is your best bet. Other, more experienced renoisers might know some better tricks? But afaik your mileage might vary on how well the vsts respond to things like pitch bend.

Well… You can, “render plugin to instrument,” or “new instrument,” which is what I do, when I need this type of pattern command functionality…

** At this point, I can not remember whether that is a tool, or a native Renoise function… if its not in the drop down box, when you right click in the instrument area, you will have to hunt for the tool here on

It’s a native function.

Ah! I see… Cheers… and for the OP:

Its one of the many secrets of Renoise… To create a pad sound; or any sound we call x, on a vst synth… Render the synth to, “a new instrument.” You can add just 1 filter on the Renoise Instrument, and you have?? x + Slightly Modified…

Now you get two for 1… You can automate the original sound from the synth, “via the instrument automation device,” and twist the new one in the Renoise Instrument, as well as use the pattern effect commands, because the new one is all samples… Maybe the first x is kinda bright, and the x + slightly modified is a little dark and, “with almost no extra work,” you have two similar sounds with slightly different timbre, for some parts of your composition… Also, if you find that you need the pattern commands for some notes, but you need to automate a filter on the original synth for others, all that is possible too…

Yes, this could be one option. But if you need to get for example a funky bassline with all those slides in there it’s gonna get complicated and would be very inconvenient to handle.

Yes, this is what I also usually do if I need this effect. But it sucks because the effects of the vsti itself (for example THAT special kind of echo the vsti is using) won’t be carried over, so that you have to try to create the same effect with all the other effect vsts in your list. It may sound similar, but not exactly in the same way. So this is no option if you need to use this pattern effect command more often in one tune.

So am I right that there’s no option controlling the vsti in the same way like the wave samples via the pattern effect commands? I guess this is without a doubt something needed to be improved in Renoise, if it is technically possible.