Controlling Bpm Above 255

there, i’ve kind of asked the question in the topic - is this the right forum? i thought maybe there’s a tip or a trick to it…

any help would be much appreciated- i have an urge to play around with some high-speed tempo trickery…

if you don’t need to change the BPM during song, then you can set the BPM over 255 using the control panel on the uppper left, which is not bounded at 255.

if you need to change the BPM during play, then your only option is to halve the speed value using F1xx command: if you are currently at speed 6 (the default), then you will double the BPM by halving the speed with F103.

bummer, i was hoping there would be a way round it, i want it to change gradually ideally - i’ll just put the speed down to 1 and see how far i can get with that

thanks for the help though

the other option is to use your skills to make it works in the 255 range. :)

ok yeah, that was pointing out the obvious.

The question is why you need to control BPM above 255. To increase the patterns line resolution?

i want to try something out, i might only ever use it this once- i am wanting to play around with a continually changing tempo which ranges from very fast to very slow or vice versa - at the most basic level i will have a pattern starting at (for example) 125bpm and ending at 500bpm smoothly interpolating- repeating on each pattern so that the ending tempo is a multiple of the starting tempo - i’m copying something autechre did on LP5 - fold4, wrap5

so i would end up with huge tempo changes and massive pattern lengths…

on a side note, that’s the only Autechre song I like amongst the ones I heard, very clever!

note delays (Dx command) could also be helpful to avoid raising the speed too much