Controlling External Hardware With Midi

Hello there.
I have some hardware synths which I want to control with the renoise step sequencer.
I know this is possible since I heard other people on this forum being able to do it.
Now what I’ve done is select an empty track and in the instrument settings of that track I’ve selected my sound card as device, and in the instrument collum a midi instrument appeared, next to device I chose ext MIDI, on channel 1, since my machine is also put on midi channel 1, bank is tured off, programm is turned on to 1.
Duration is INF and the delay on 0 ms. Yet when I plant notes in the step sequencer, the synth does not seem to receive them.
Also, if I press the space bar with the channel empty, it does receive a constant midi note which is only one tone which I can’t seem to stop unless I stop the song from playing.
Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

have you tried using midi yoke to find out exactly what is being sent/received? i’m no expert but that’s where i’d start…

I thought that was Midi OXe (made by the same programmer though)

yes, after posting that i started thinking that too. i was posting from a train from my smartphone and with low battery, so did not look it up. figured someone would correct me, and anyway he would be pointed in the right direction.

so, @skornsteen: software could be called midi ox as well.