Controlling External Synths

I ran into a problem controlling my synth module with renoise.
Whenever I choose a MIDI out and channel for a track it gives all the tracks
the same settings. I’d like to set all the tracks to different MIDI outs and channels.
How do I do this?
Thanks for reading.

I believe you used this panel, right?

well, this panel sets the properties per instrument, not per track: the idea behind trackers is not to bound an instrument to a specific track.

The MIDI out defines the MIDI device you select to control, the channel is related to the channel your instrument is attached to on your external midi device.
Renoise just sends MIDI signals to that specific channel set for that device configured in that instrument slot.

To assign a different channel to a different instrument, pick a new instrument slot and reconfigure the MIDI properties (see above image) for that instrument slot to the proper channel for the instrument you want to control.

If you have multiple MIDI devices upon the same MIDI port, you will have to assign a different channel to an instrument on each device if you want only control that specific instrument.
If you use the same channel on different devices on that MIDI-port, the result will be that every device attached to it that gets the signal on that channel will respond to it if that specific channel has been assigned to an instrument which will cause a kakafonic event if that response was not planned.