Controlling Lfo Freq With X5Yy Command

Hi, just wondering about the LFO frequency command 15yy (if LFO is first in effects chain). What values should I enter to get the LFO cycling exactly every 8 lines? if I enter 1520 it comes out at 7.969 lines, while 151F comes out as 8.226 lines…not sure where to go from here. thanks for all help

It’s not possible that way since it’s too inaccurate, but you can work around this using a second LFO with a custom curve and using LFO reset commands instead.


thanks mate, much appreciated!

not sure if this is what you are trying to do but…

when i want to change or set the LFO rate, i usually use the automation editor with points. you can type in exact values for each point. much more accurate than the pattern effects column method.