Controlling My Td6 Module With Renoise.

Hi there!

I’ve got this drummodule (roland td6 click) which works with MIDI. Now I tried the following:

  1. connected my axiom 25 keyboard to renoise through USB.
  2. gave all the drumsounds on my module the proper note info (kick= C4, Snare= C#4, Hat= D4 etc)
  3. Connected the MIDI OUT from the axiom to the MIDI IN on the drummodule.
  4. selected the axiom as MIDI OUT device in renoise.
  5. selected the axiom as midi device in the MIDI properties tab.

Now, if I play the axiom and listen on the headphones output of the drummodule, I get this great piano sound :blink: I don’t know where its comming from but its there…
…Anybody knows what I’m doing wrong?

usually percussions communicate on MIDI channel 10. try if changing the MIDI channel of your instruments to 10 helps

Worked! Thanks so much man :lol: