Controlling the Sub Bass

hi there…

iv got serious problems controlling the sub basses on my track…if i use the eq and disable the frequencies i also lose dynamics because the “sub bass hit” and the “long sub bass” using the same spectrum.

any ideas how to set the eq´s to get both sounds clear without losing dynamics? or maybe this could be done with side compression so the “long sub bass” ducks when the “sub bass hit” appears?!

You´ve answered yourself :-). Or by dynamic eq what is very simillar thing…

erm yes ok…but how to do it?

I guess the same way you’d do sidechain compression, except you’re controlling parameters of an EQ instead of a compressor.

ie. the sidechain trigger track has a signal follower, which controls the gain of an EQ in the target track? (or use a hydra if you want to control more parameters)