Controlling track DSP from pattern effect column

It would be nice to have possibility to control track DSP effects (e.g. turn them on/off and change parameters) using pattern effect commands (or similar). E.g. I would like to control Phaser parameters in this way.

As far as I know this is not possible at the moment. It is possible that some has already suggested this so if this is repetition just ignore…

  • hemuli

of course this is possible :

use XYZZ where

  • X is the effectno. in the chain
  • Y the parameterno.
  • ZZ the effectvalue

XF00 turns effect X off (bypasses it), XF00 turns it on again

if you use for example a gain as second device you can write 1100 to set the volume of the gainer to 0%.

If this is too complicated for you, simply drag a slider with the right mouse button and the effectparameters will be written into the pattern. Hold down LSHIFT to write them into the Trackautomation and dont forget to RTFM ;)

Oh great it’s already there. Thanks for help and sorry for troubling you.
I actually read the pattern effects part of TFM but succeeded to misunderstood it somehow.