Controlling Vst's

Hi, is there a way to control vst’s who are with they own interface (not with renoise dsp sliders) using midi controller? Thank you.

yes, but only if the vst has midi learn. otherwise you have to use the midi or automation device.

Renoise tutorial pages eagerly wait to be read by you

Thank you, i read it, but it looks like midi and automation devices can control only vst or midi instruments. So, is there any method to control vst effects without midi learn function?

  • load a VST effect
  • rightclick the Renoise panel of the VST effect
  • select “MIDI Map Parameters”
  • click on a slider in the panel
  • assign the desired CC

Tutorial guide

It-Alien, but what to do when almost all of my vst fx has just it’s own interface? No midi learn and no DSP SLIDERS?

I just always press the arrow next to the “Ext. Editor” button to reveal the sliders.
Never did the rightclick, so I tried it after your post to see how it behaves.

Maybe it’s an idea to ‘unfold’ the sliders of the selected panel when choosing “MIDI Map Parameters”.

The user will press there to map those parameters anyway, and it would be more obvious for beginners.

sorry, I should not post in a hurry at 6AM :)

I was under Linux when replying, and Linux VST’s have usually no GUI, so that’s why I gave you the wrong advice.

Unfortunately, in your case the effect must support MIDI learning, or there should already be MIDI CC assigned to its sliders, otherwise you cannot automate it. (Notice that lots of VST effects fall under there two categories).
There is one exception, though: if the effect is able to receive MIDI notes, you will see it listed into the VST instruments dropdown list under the group “VST FX alias”. If you then assign your effect to an instrument slot, you will be able to automate its parameters using an Automation Device as if it was a normal VST instrument…