Convert Gig To Rni

Is this possible?
Is there some sampler format instrument compatible with Renoise?
Is it a more easy way to make an RNI than the slow “sample at once” method?
Is it possible to import a massiv amount of samples in one time?

There is no direct Gig to rni converter. But as renoise can use fast tracker XI instruments, then maybe you can use Awave Audio to convert Gig to XI.
edit: i was refering to this suported formats list.


but…mmh 130$ :huh:

I would wait to what the RNI structure would be adjusted to.
Else you would be busy converting a lot of instruments to a 16 sample instrument structure while you may have more options in the future.
I don’t know what these options will be though, but rearrangement of the whole structure is definately on the priority list.