Convert old .ntk files so they work in Renoise?


I’ve got some .ntk songs that I made with Noisetrekker R6 and when I tried to open it in 2.8 it said that I should download 1.11 and then load and save it there. I got 1.11 and when I tried to open it I got the message “Sorry old beta mods are no longer supported. Use Ntk 3.2 to convert (load and save) them into a mew Format” (mew = new?).

I can open and save them in Ntk 3.2 but renoise 1.11 (1.281 also) still give the same error message as before. I even tried saving them under a new filname but that didn’t help either.

Is there someway I can convert them to a format that I can import into Renoise?


I thought Renoise 1.0 used to be available in the downloads section, but i see nothing goes below Renoise 1.28 (and that’s only backstage)

I got 1.11 from but 1.0 isn’t in there. Do you think I’d be able to open it with 1.0? Or do I need to use the full version of 1.11 for it to work?

Speaking of 1.28, I was unable to install it since it required me to install demo first, which I couldn’t find.


I created a new song in Ntk 3.2 and I still got the same error message so I guess it just isn’t possible or it has something to do with my OS. I’ll just have to recreate them in Renoise from scratch, a bit more time consuming but it gets the job done :).