convert renoise instrument to kontakt?

does anyone know of a tool that allows conversion of renoise instruments (xrni) into the kontakt instrument format?

i do most of my sampling/composing/instrument building in renoise but occasionally need to move to other programs and would be great to be able to use all the sample instruments i create in renoise in other hosts!


Extreme Sample converter would be one of the packages that allowed conversions from Xrni to other formats.
Though the last Xrni version they supported was without the sample layers and they seem inactive since somewhere beginning 2011.
The demo version is set to 3.6 on their page, but their flash animation waives with V4.0.

thanks! i’ll check that one out!


Seems E.S.C. Does not like to convert renoise instruments. It has the feature but it doesn’t work.
Anyone know of any other software that will convert an xrni to another instrument format?


It works fine, but not on the new instrument-structure with layers…

They started to support the single layer instrument format back then and never updated that structure to the current new multilayer structure.
Their latest demo version is 3.5.9, their latest registered version is 3.6.0. But the 3.6.0 is not stable in all cases and dates back to 2011.

Otherwise one could perhaps take a look into the format import tool and program a reverse conversion for the import formats currently supported.

Don’t forget you can just sync Renoise to the other host using rewire.

Regarding ‘Layers’ - does this refer to the Note-On Layer / Note-Off Layer? If so, how do I go about saving out an instrument that does not use this feature (in order to create something compatible with E.S.C.)?

Or, when you speak of ‘Layers’, do you mean the Y-Axis (velocity) layers used in the Keyzone editor?


You really need Renoise with the XRNI V1.0 structure, i thought this was 2.5 or less (These versions did not supported layers at all, just plain assignments to keys). The newer Renoise that support layers doesn’t save instruments in the old format. I’m not sure what it does with instruments in older unupgraded songs though.

I see, thanks for the info.

So ‘layers’ in this context are the Y axis (velocity) layers, right?

Well, sort of, but then just “one” layer which is the loudest layer or the as-is-recorded layer :)