Converting Mod's - Several Newbie Questions.

Greetings to all.

I’ve got two quick questions.


I’m remastering some old Protracker songs in Renoise (and eventually Reason 4). When I import the modules, it loads up fine- however, the commands Cxx (Set Chan Volume), and E8x (Set Panning) don’t map properly over to 03xx (Set Chan Volume - Renoise) and 08xx (Set Panning - Renoise).

Renoise appears to be doing something with 03xx, though it’s not dead on to the original mod (as opened in OpenMPT). 08xx is essentially completely absent, so there’s no panning at all. Panning and volume play a huge part in these particular mods so it sounds, well, “odd” without it.

Is there any way I can get Renoise to properly map Cxx -> 03xx and E8x -> 08xx? I’d settle for just getting the panning information to import properly, as I’ll be redoing the volume sections anyways.


As I mentioned, this stuff is eventually being dumped into Reason. Is there any way to get the xrns-scripts (xrns2midi) to dump the volume & pan information as some sort of MIDI controller data, in addition to the notes? XRNS2MIDI works flawlessly, save for the lack of volume & pan information. If not, it’s no biggie, I can redo the automation by hand.


Format import is not perfect yet unfortunately. You might send the specific .MOD to Taktik (at this site behind the @ sign) and explain which commands are converted wrongly. At least he can add it to the list of import bugs.

About MIDI controller data, you have MIDI CC 08 for balance and MIDI CC 10 for panning. It is a matter of looking into the script how this data is being converted or adding it.
The script is still not finished, Bantai is still busy with it.