Converting Old Songs

really enjoy the new LPB system,
and at the same time very happy that old songs load with the original speed setting.

will this feature (old-speed) always be included in renoise for the future? i hope so.
If not, i guess it’s neccessary for us to go through our whole song library and convert everything into the new format, sooner or later

hey all.
about the “upgrade to latest version” feature, I’m wondering:
for which new features do we really need to do this? I mean, if a load a song in 1.9 format (or older) into Renoise 2, the speed system remains. Right? And then I can apply renoise-2-specific features such as Track delays, delay columns, and even use the PDC system - save the song, and reopen, without the need to upgrade. It’s still 1.9 format.

So, which new features requires song upgrades? would be good to know, cus I probably have hundreds of xrn’s and xrns’s which I might want to continue working on, but with Renoise 2+… of course :)
Would save me a lot of time if I don’t have to upgrade all those songs and check them all for errors, etc etc


Renoise 1.9.1 is still good, if you want to work the old way there’s no reason to convert your songs.

The rule of thumb is new songs should use the new format. Old songs that you want to work with should be converted and tweaked. And old songs just sitting there, you shouldn’t touch them.