Converting To Xi With Awave


i have converted some gm drum kits (battery/sf2) to .xi with awave studio and then loaded the .xi in renoise… but the .xi patch doesnt sound ok. the root notes in the xi are placed one octave higher than they should be… awave has prolly some problems in the convertion…does anyone has any experience with this kind of stuff ?

another question… assuming i can convert a gm battery kit to .xi correctly, if i load the original battery patch in battery vsti, and also load the converted xi directly in renoise, will the kick be in the same keyboard key in both instruments ? what i want to know is if the renoise sampler makes any octave shifts.
(im aware of trackers missing 2 “negative octaves” and everything being named 2 octaves up, but thats not what im talking about)

edit: i want to know this so that i can tell the awave coder if he has to change only the root key convertion, or if he needs to shift the zone positioning too…

thanks for reading this dreadful thread…sorry for the english

tried loading one of those .xi’s in another tracker and see if it has the same issue?