Convince me upgrading to 3.0

So I haven’t updated my license and now that I think of it ,I am not sure if I will .
While the new features are great for those that use a lot of samples , they don’t really do it for me …I mostly use vst’s/reaktor/midi out and render to sample …proces sample +commands .
Why build a supersample kit when vst’s all ready provide that
Don’t get me wrong , the dev’s have the utmost respect from me , but it seems that renoise is primarly focussed on sample users .
Truth be said , the dsp 's need improvements , interpolating delay lines , better filter algo’s , what’s the use of the new advanced instrument architecture if the basic effects remain mediocre ( but usable ) ?
What I would like to know
1.does renoise still initialize when a mici clip is dragged onto the window .

Why upgrade? Think of all the sex you’ll be having when the people around you see you using this!

Wait untill it’s out of beta so that you can make up your own mind Gentleclockdivider. It is pretty awesome but do yourself a favour and wait.

I love beta’s . doing beta’s is an obbligation for every renoise user .
The more beta users , the sooner the bugs will be ironed out.
Will upgrade sonner or later ,
So , what about midi clip dragging …is it possible yet without renoise resetting ?

No partial midi snippets as track or pattern content currently is not yet a feature.
It would be nice though to drag midi snippets onto a phrase just having them converted to the phrase rather than Renoise attempting to import a complete midi file as a song.
I would follow lowkey’s advise:wait until it is final so you can play with the demo and see if it meets your interests and meanwhile watch the videos and screenshots passing by.

As i understand your frustration about midi routing and have same “problems” cause I am VST based (i would like to see fx chains with vst instruments and better automatization).I like that new features make me think different (in the box). Why not to use short samples like an oscillator (Wavetable synthesis)? Or just render a synth and get more features that vsti internal synth fxs have? If you think about it a lot of producers (noisia f.e.) also exports vsti (freeze them) and then process them further. Renoise is now best in that.

speaking as an user rather than a team member, I can say that I would now never turn back to Renoise 2, as version 3 GUI is much more consistent; a better workflow is very important, you know.

I can understand that from the VST users’ there is nothing groundbreakingly new in this version (yet), but Akiz is also right in saying that you are more encouraged to think in the box with this version, but working with rendered VST’s can be much more productive now that multisampled instruments are much more powerful than before.

the Doofer (container of DSP’s) is also a great workflow enhancer

The way I see it, the real groundbreaking stuff for version 3.0 is definitely the bridge between Renoise and other DAWs, in the form of the upcoming Redux plugin. :dribble:/>

If it’s indeed possible to build phrases and stuff in Renoise with precision control, and then export and building massive Content Libraries for use in other DAWs, then I’d say this is revolutionary. :yeah:/>

Guys, just think of a DAW such as Bitwig Studio, which doesn’t support ReWire but do support VST’s: with Redux lots of new possibilites arise (especially for Linux users). It seems futile to invent the wheel and try to compete with such hard competition as Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton Live, FLS, BWS, et al in regard to linear-arranger stuff, audio tracks, pianorolls etc. Let’s just face it: they are superior to Renoise as linear-conventional pianoroll DAWs - but Renoise is superior to all of them as a sample-sequencer. No other DAW can offer the same flexibility to manipulate samples. And Renoise can very much establish itself as a pioneer in the DAW world now, with Redux as the front product and Renoise as the competent working horse and Redux contents production system.

I’m also glad to see that at least some of my speculations turned out to be correct. :)

What makes you think bitwig will not support rewire ,?
Ahh ok , Asssuming that bitwig…

We don’t even know if redux will be able to send midi data …
If so , it would be a winner and give the freedom that only trackers provide but in any daw of your choice .
No more relying on those piano rolls that daws offer
I can’t look in the future but surely hope they will add midi functionality to redux .

It’s stated explicit on the FAQ page:

Oh, and you can use the phrase editor to create phrases for Vst instruments too

Ok gonna upgrtade in a while , but will take some days ( holidays ) till transaction is done .
Quick question , can we still hide the sample browser ?
Cause it seems that the instrument list /sample browser are now unified at the right side of the screen .

it’s awesome, buy it

for my personal taste, Renoise3 have ofcourse a big ass full of new sampler cabailities, but to be honest: those things just MASSIVE slow down the musical progress.
increase the instrument volume was in 2.8.1 ONE slidebar click.
now its about a minimum of 3 clicks with interface changes, that is definately a step in the wrong direction.
adding features about features and throw completely away the usability is a bloadware sign.
i completely dislike the new instrument window: its size, its focusstealing behaviour and his monster featuritis.
even as trackeruser since 1992, the new renoise usability caused me BIG headaches and massive slow downs the usage.
the problem is: its done. i have big doubt that the usability can rebuild by changine some designelements, because the new focus to the instrument editor have to much influence :(/>/>/>/>

and things like aliases patterns gives for my old brain nothing than total chaoss.
i’m totally sure with the new build its harder than ever to get new tracker users. now its really to much complicated in usage.

now it needs extrem fiddling and tons of clicks just to add a looping volume curve to a sample. in 2.8 it was total easy with 2 clicks.

if u dont know how to use samples why you use tracker?
tracking is based on you own samples. i really like the new features. But yes Midi is missing a leak.

–deleted- not helpfull at all------

Shit , this is what I was worying about ,bloated interface , window stacks …
Fuck , I just renewed my license , so I’ll see in a few days time …
But the thought alone of renoise losing it’s fast/fluid workflow …We’ll see in a few days time

WHat ??
SO the new effects chains only applie to sampled instruments ?
C’mon …don’t tell me everybody here just uses sampled instruments …
Is this the idea of developers staying true to the oldskool tracker rule ’ ONLY SAMPLES ?.
I mean , yes samples are flexible , I render the fuck out of some vsts…I record hardware as audio …true ,true ,true …but only to do postprocessing/ pattern effects
It would be nice to see the developers heading for a more dsp oriented direction ,and not just for effects

yes, but even for samples its not usefull: its the same like in tracks, so why loosing the focus of DSP chains and split them up into seperate positions?
its awesome exactly one time as i have tested it, and thats all.
new we can’t share xrni’s because of the possible vst plugins linked to.
u could say okay: only native renoise DSP used, but i bet they will also depend on the renoise version where the xrni dsp chain was created.
but also that is okay, as long the usability is good, but exactly THAT keyfeature is gone completely, together with a total visible overflow of adjustements und plugins.
i really, really think about to stay on 2.8.2 .

Is it still possible to work the old way , just tracks and dsp chains …or has that completely disspeared with the new instrument structure.
I am totally in the blue here , assume we just want to sketch something fast , 4 tracks, 1 track for drum duties …couple of inserts on each track …that still works , no??

Tracks still have their own dsp chains.
It’s just that you have the option to attach
dsp chains directly to samples now too.
But you don’t have to, there are useful defaults and
you can just load samples and bang them into your tracks
like in 2.8.x.