Convolver loading/Sample manipulation

Why don’t I have the option to load samples that I resampled within Renoise directly into the convolver? The other way to do it requires that I save samples in a dedicated project folder with the file in order to do sound design, which I don’t like because it creates a mess that I delete anyway.

I’ve been doing some sample editing work in Ableton, and I love what you can do there in terms of the sample warping and texture modes as well as how easy it is to align recorded samples to the internal grids. Since Renoise is such a sample-oriented software, I’d love to see it go in a direction that focused more on “glitching-out” sounds and doing sound design natively outside Rubberband, sample speed and beat repeating. Convolver is the first step in this process, but it’s such a pain to work with at the moment. I’d love it if I could record things directly into the impulse slot through the Record function, or if I could resample things into it, or if I could just copy paste into it! Can you guys pls make that happen, I would love it so much!

I’d also like some sample options similar to Ableton’s warping functions. If there are Renoise tools or third party softwares that can do similar things, I’d love it if you guys filled me in!

What would have been great was if it was possible to change the impulse response in realtime, as in manipulating it by mixing different IRs or maybe even automate effects on the IR while it is convolving. Now if this is even possible to make i don’t know, but it shure would be cool. :slight_smile:

Edit: Stream a track as an impulse response? Yes i’m dreaming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Convolution is a very CPU intensive process, so realtime modulated impulses would likely require a very high-powered machine to be able to function. Loading up 3 convolvers at a time on my old PC crashed it.

All I want is the ability to paste a sample into the impulse slot.

A hindrance of modulating convolution kernels is their length, and the fact that efficient engines use fft techniques to cut down processing power, only suitable for constant kernels. Hm, feeding a convolver just any kind of stuff is rad, but resulting levels/spikes often blow your vu meter. I’ve also already imagined some extra tricks with “convolution”, but those would require extra love inside the effect algorithms - ie another plugin, not geared towards cabsim and reverb, but towards strange modulations. More like a modulated fir-filter than a convolver, maybe that’s close to what you’re dreaming about, probably stuff already exists as vst, who knows. just convolving with a window of a running stream sounds like a not so cool idea, better the window would be processed in one or another way and/or the result saturated/limited within the convolver, to prevent your speakers blowing up.

Automating dry/wet levels of a chain of convolvers with strange kernels can yield interesting modulations already. for more than 3 use lfos for crossfading.

Being able to drop ir’s from a sample slot would be cool, has been suggested here often. Have a “click” sample, feed it through a dsp chain, and directly feed the result into the convolver - most probably the convolver will use more cpu power than the initial fx chain. But filtering some reverb ir can result in the whole reverb being filtered in the result, cheers.