Coordinates Of Pattern Editor Selection

I need the coordinates of the Pattern Editor selection.

I’ve been making due with “is_selected” up until now, but have run into a roadblock that I don’t want to solve with a cheap hack.

Ideally it should return a table with

  • pattern_index_start
  • track_start
  • line_start
  • pattern_index_end
  • track_end
  • line_end

pattern_index_end is currently redundant, but for future proofing purposes it might be useful.

Additionally, col_start and col_end might be useful.

Any ideas?

Theres no access for this (yet), but you can use something like this now:

pattern_line_tools.lua -> selection_line_range
pattern_index_start/end always is and should be

Thanks, that did the trick. Cheers.