Copied 2 Tracks Don'T Play With Originals

I copied 2 brass tracks onto another 2 tracks to double them .

Now I can’t play all 4.

When I solo the 4,I only get 2 tracks,either the 2 originals or 2 duplicated tracks but not all 4.

I did copy the patterns also into the new tracks.

What am I doing wrong?

Using the free vsti DSK Brass.


Forgot to renumber the patterns for the different instrument numbers.

I think it is because u are using 1 vst on 2 tracks. Don’t really know how this works in Renoise as i haven’t tried it, but i have used more programs that have problems with this kind of things.U could try loading the same vst again to double it, but as dsk is sythedit, u may be better of just sampling the sounds u want to double up.

edit: i don’t know why u are trying to double this sound but if you want to have paralell fx you can also just use a send device(if this is not loud enough for what u want to do then maximizer/compressor can fix this)