Copy All The Ideas From Microsoft Songsmith

Common guys, get with the future of music!

I can’t stop laughing. “microsoft, huh? - So it must be pretty easy to use”. Is it just me or does renoise just feel outdated.

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hahah 0:36 to 0:42 is dope, i would remix that part if i had the clean audio. it’s the cool new thing!

is this actually real? i want to hear the real extended part of that.

If I wasn’t so against giving money to Microsoft (and also sure that this won’t run on W2K) I’d actually be all over his haha… seems like a lot of fu, especially when you can’t quite sing XD

edit: fun even.

you got six hours to try it……h/download.html

I know what I will do this weekend.

How about ms songsmith compo ?

as I assumed

I guess I’ll have to do it at someone else’s 'puter then…

Less singing, more sailing!

I wonder how that thing would react if I shoved some crazy-ivan through it > :)

It will probably phone home about it. :D

I think I’m going to puke myself to death

A shinning example of this fantastic technology here:

i am totally getting this to see if it has that one rhythm in it!
and sample it!…c=19240&hl=

whahaha the funiest thing is that the little girl has a macbook pro!

:::sigh::: …I hate my life.

Leave it to microsoft to take something pure and creative as music and bastardize it to a whole new level. And I thought that eJay was bad.

Well, at least 2012 is around the corner…

Ha ha ha, good eye! Fucking Microsoft.

That lucky little bitch! I didn’t have one of those when I was 5