Copy Amplify & Panning Samples In A Renoise Instrument ?

Hi Renoise Team,

I loaded one Renoise Instrument who have 20 samples in my music. When I modify Amplify & Panning from one Sample, I would like to modify the 19 other Samples from Renoise Instrument (in one time). Could you add this new option in the next version of Renoise please ?

Thank you,




I hope that you understand my question. In fact, modify Amplify & Panning from 20 samples in one time (select all ? reajust amplify/panning other samples from renoise instrument ?) would be great.

Thank for your help,


You can use the instrument editor for this. Use the envelope section, and delete all points except one.

That said, I agree it would be nice if you could select several samples at once.