Copy And Paste Between Tracks

Is it possible to copy and paste stuff (primarilly pattern data) between tracks in renoise? If so, what’s the best way to go about this?

rightclick a track and you will see all the options in a context menu, under the voice “Track”; also, you will see the related keyboard shortcuts listed on the right

hmm… do you mean “song” when you say “track”? in that case, next renoise version will be your Walhalla

Copy track in song won’t work in Renoise NE either.

The buttons copy and paste are even greyed out when picking track in song.
There are however possibilities outside Renoise due to the upcoming open format.

if i get this right…
i love to use the 4 clipboards for copying parts between tracks. alt + “1 - 4” for select them.

I actually meant that probably he asked how to copy an entire song (“track”) into another one, using two renoise instances. Well, only he knows the answer :)

sorry… I meant “song” yes… not “track” :P

I don’t know how big your song is… but if you have to do this using four clipboards at a time, it may take a long time.