Copy/cut Into New Sample

Here’s an idea for the sample editor: implement a cut/copy selection to new sample/instrument. This would make cutting up big samples really fast and easy. Instead of copying -> selecting destination -> pasting -> zooming back in the old part -> etc etc.

Or another option would be to remember all the zoom levels, and locations of the samples you are working on.

Toooooootally agree to both things you suggested, especially the first one. A “promote selection to new instrument” function would be very useful.

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Yes, that could be useful.

cut into new sample +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

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ah yes.
I always wanted those small timesaving little features.

  • Remember zoom level and selection range for each sample slot.
  • paste to new sample slot
  • paste to new instrument
  • send paste to new sampleslot/instrument

send = you will not lose focus from the sampleslot you copy/cut from

It should never lose focus anyway, IMHO. Or maybe it could depend on whether you hold Shift down or something…
Because otherwise there might be too many lines in the context menu, it may look to crowded.

Also I was thinking that these “cut to” and “copy to” could be in the same line as “cut” and “copy”, but separated by a vertical line/separator, like:
Cut CTRL X | Cut to -> new sample/instrument
Copy CTRL C | Copy to -> new sample/instrument

(The -> opens another menu, like at the “Process” option.)

Is not ‘paste to’ a better option here?

I use the ‘past to new…’ option in Adobe Audition all the time.
There it changes the focus as well.
I find that very useful in many situations. Like when pasting from another application (windows clipboard). Or when I’m directly going to use the pasted data after pasting it etc.
Actually I think I would use that more then to keep the focus on the original sample.
But more options the better, for me at at least :)
Do not have to be in the context menu at all if that was the problem.
A lot of renoise functions are already hidden in the hotkey section.

These things are just details really, but really handy for the ppl that do some large numbers of sample edits.

+1 indeed

+1. These little tweaks could save us a lot of time.

Yep, definately needed.

Sounds good!