Copy From Automation Paste To Lfo

I’m quite sure that this was not the case before, I tried it on 2_6_1 and it was ok.

I guess that is because automation works with delay integrity and the LFO still works with ticks so it does a lousy representation of how it translate delay positions into ticks.

It’s still possible to copy data between the automation envelope and LFO envelope, it’s just that the automation envelope resolution has now been increased to 256 points per line. This unfortunately creates quite a mismatch between the two systems.

To see what I mean, zoom all the way to 1/256 on an automation envelope and draw some points at that level, and then copy/paste that data into the LFO and you’ll see that it’s still working.

Ahh, of course, thanks for the detailed info.

thanks dblue! :)