Copy groups/tracks+arrangement/instruments from one project to another

Does my title make sense? I think I’ve seen other users post about this and if there’s a tool for it then I’m sorry, but this seems too complex for tools.

But I sometimes make beats, basslines, effects when I’m bored that I can’t use right away. Sure, I could render those tracks, but that keeps me from getting the mixdown right at the end or I might change my mind about the arrangement later on.

Will there ever be a way to highlight entire groups/tracks and all instruments in them from one xrns/project file to the other (including send channels)? It wouldn’t have to be more than one pattern. It would speed up working with renoise by a fucking landslide. I wouldn’t have to render everything or copy every instrument and re enter note/command (plus all the fx chains and routings). Unless there’s already a way to do it and I’m too stupid to have figured it out yet.

What would also improve this: to have enabled multiple Renoise instances, so you can copy/paste anything between them.

Yes yes yes, plus a dozen!
For me this goes especially in regard to drum patterns. It’s not very often that I make a really killer drum pattern, but when I do in such a day I’m just spacin on the drumbeat, then probably put some wack synthesizer sound on it that I later turn out to loathe (?). Then I never use the drums anymore!
And looping a render is alright until indeed, you wanna tweak compression, have sidechain from kick, mute/delay one snare hit, whatever.

I will be looking into the option of scripting this type of behaviour. Guess it’s not possible (reasonably) until we can at least save .xrni from the API.