Copy Mpc Sequencer Resolution

hello everyone! i recently purchased renoise after using a demo for a bit. i think its fantastic and i think its the fastest piece of software up there for chopping samples up and still retaining the old school feel on them.

so i come from using an mpc for many years. i learned the tracker sequencer in renoise and have it down for the most part, understand LPB and quantize etc.
the timing of the mpc is still very tight and great to work on, but theres also so many advantages to seeing your midi punched onscreen. ive been using the mpc to play the pads into renoise sequences.
what id like to do is be able to have the sequencer tracker in renoise copy the quantization methods of the mpc…ie 1/16, 1/8th etc…but since the system is a little different im not sure how to do it. it seems like the mpc resolution is still a bit higher than renoise.
just looking for the ideal way to combine the two and make beats!

Perhaps you could get some ideas from this tool…: