Copy/past Audio To External App?

Copy/past of audio wavs from the sample editor appears not to be possible to do to other apps. outside Renoise?!
Is that so, or am I doing something wrong?

I’m on Win XP by the way…

At last, a kindred spirit!

It’s not possible right now. I’ve been asking and mentioning about it in the Ideas forum and elsewhere. It surprises me that most people don’t seem to need this feature.

I think it’s essential. I hope we see it implemented some day.

Yes, I’m using Reaktor and the sequencer/host Temper as VST in Renoise and sometimes it’s useful to take a part of a wav and copy it to Reaktor or Temper (or Audacity). Drag and drop would be fantastic! Both Reaktor and Temper would be able to receive it. And back to Renoise apparently…