Copy/paste Functions For The Parts Of The Automation Envelopes.

I don’t know what think about this developers and another users, but for me subject functions is really important. Regrettably this functions is not realised in present time. May be it is the last little shortage in Renoise for me. All another fixed realized and works cool. :)
Though more exact importances for x (horizontal) coordinates of the envelope points, with the possibility of making several automation envelope points in one pattern (note) line, is can be useful too. In some situations from time to time. :)

It’s already possible to do this, you just have to look a little closer. :)

At the top of the automation envelope you can see a small horizontal area which displays the row numbers. You can click+drag a selection on this area to select part of the automation envelope. Then you can right-click here to choose copy, paste, etc. If the automation window itself actually has the focus (middle-click on it), then you can also use the standard keys CTRL+C, CTRL+V, etc.

Good! Thanks for explanations. But second option suggested by me is a still not realized. Of course this not such important, but usefull too. :)