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I’ve been trying out the Renoise demo for some time and I must say I’m genuinely impressed. I’ve been using ModPlug for years, the tracker approach to composition works best for me, but ModPlug has its limitations and I’ve been looking for a substitute.

Renoise is the perfect one but there is a single thing that bothers me quite much - the lack of ability to copy/paste audio data between Renoise and an external sample editor like SoundForge.

With ModPlug I constantly bounce samples back and forth between the two. It’s an approach to music making I’ve developed for myself and feel comfortable with. But I guess I’m not the only one who would appreciate having audio data copy/paste?

Is there any chance this feature appearing any time soon?

i dont know,i have never really used that feature

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Copy/paste audio between applications, anyone?

Yup. +1 from me.

makes sense

Makes sense. +1
Especially between two Renoise instances.

Agree, I really want to drag file from AUDIO FINDER to renoise directly.

Just out of curiosity, how would this feature be different than either rendering a section of a song and loading the new sample in another program or just loading/changing/saving a sample back and forth between programs (which is what I do with Audacity for pitch and time stretch purposes)?

[I’m not trying to sound like a dick, I’m just not sure I understand the function you’re talking about ![;)]( ]

A major work flow difference. Doing it like you described will require to save the sample to a file, open that file in your external sound editor, process it , save it again, then load the file in Renoise. It’s too cumbersome, especially when you want to experiment with various kinds of processing and go back and forth to hear which works best in the context. If we had an audio copy/paste it will be just a matter of a few key presses.

It depends on the way you like to work whether you’ll really find this feature useful. If you’re like me and cut, rearrange and layer sounds a lot, then it’s a must.

pain in the ass…

+1 for me subset