Copying And Pasting Between Two Running Renoises

Topic title should say enough.
I want to rewrite some old IT songs. Best way to do that from scratch is running two instances of Renoise. No problem… But you have a problem when you want to copy a part of a track or channel and paste it in the other running Renoise, because it won’t work :(

Another thing that’s making working with Renoise a pain is the coloring of the track. The way it was done with Impulse Tracker was perfect. Every 4th beat, 8th beat and 16th and half ways… Always recognisable and you knew exactly where you where and what you were doing…

no software is perfect … but that’s why we have a suggestion-forum and the devs have an open ear for every good suggestion …

you are right … the possibility to open more than one song within Renoise (to realize something like copy&paste on different songs) is really needed.

and maybe more visual help on the display of the pattern is needed too.…a0573b59069a6d8

even just the ability to just save tracks or patterns or pieces of patterns would be nice. then just remap the sample to it!
i do alot of drumwork using full breakbeat samples, and most of the time i work at the same bpm.
so if this was possible i could create a ton of variations of rolls, mashed snare stretches, kik stretches, crash stretches. shit every technique i use i would save the pattern or piece of pattern to file. eventually having every variation of a break at my fingertips :drummer:

pieces of patterns could be loaded according to where the cursor is. (from just the disk browser)
saving pieces of patterns could be as easy as selecting the area and by bringing up the rightclick menu and selecting save.
it would ask for a name, then it would be saved inside the directory that is selected at the disc browser.

Quite a good idea Choice, that would be a very usefull function.

Yearh, good suggestion Choice. But shared clipboards between different instaces of renoise would be even better - and probably extremely easy to implement.

well the reason i formed the idea the way i did was because its virtually impossible (it seems ) to have 2 running instances of renoise on osx.
the only possible way of doing something like that would be to have each labeled differently.

if it actually worked that way (the 2 instance way) then i would definetly find myself trying to have 6-10 instances of renoise open at the same time.

i dunno i just figure, head for the finish line. but of course with the save area idea. there would be concern over whether or not the instruemtns should be saved with the pattern data, which would then create a frekin mess for the devs.

thinking about this further while i was having a smoke break…
i wonder if it would be possible to have 2 users open on the same box each having renoise loaded an running a vnc server, then using another box to log in to the servers an use the c/p that way?
it would take abit of prep to do this but, when you have a bunch of stuff you want to c/p it could be favorable.

What about tabbed tracking? Just suspend the song thats not in view and let them both share the effects thats used on both songs to save cpu, perhaps an ill suggestion but i would love the feature for live performances as a possability of freestyling.

I guess it would be hard to implement (and control!) shared dsps, but it would be great if one could have more than one open song in renoise (something like different “Projects” in Cubase). The current interface dosen’t welcome this though.