Copying Automation Parameters When Making Pattern Longer

i am working on a track,i made the pattern 128 long in the begining,but when i have made some automation for filter cutoffs and different other things,i thought it was too short,so i changed it to be 428 long.

i then pressed the automation tab,and saw that from 128 to 428 the automation parameters in the different tracks werent there(because i had changed the pattern lenght)so i tried using copy to clipboard and paste,but that didnt help,so now i need to fill in the rest ofthe parameters with the mouse

so is there any easier way to do this??

hope you understand what im talking about

what exactly did you expect the last 300 rows to contain?

they contain a prolongation of the last value which the automation curve had before you increased the size

thanx will try it out

i tried this,i dont seem to get it working,when i try to highlight what i want to copy,it only inserts a new parameter,do i need to click or press anything first??

Use the upper ruler to highlight the area or select a different insertion point, not inside the frame.
You can withness the mousecursor changing in the animation when it hovers above the ruler.
lctrl-c to copy the selection, lctrl-v to paste it, lctrl-p to continuesly paste it.

To perform the actions through the context menu, rightclick somewhere in the frame.