Copying/importing song structure

Is there any way to copy a song’s structure (no pattern content, just empty pattern shells with headings, right number of lines etc) and in some way paste or import this into a new empty project? Tried the regular copy-paste + with two open instances of R, but no go.
Could it be tool’ed perhaps?

A load/save song structure tool is an awesome idea. I like starting with a general outline of a song, really helps me vs. trying to grow it out of one looping pattern or whatever.

Ripping an old song structure, other than just been selecting ‘Whole Song’ in advanced edit, leaving everything checked in content mask, and hitting ‘Cut’, I don’t know. At least it gets all patterns blank with pattern matrix data intact. Now save to new file name. Dear God, don’t forget to change the file name… Still have to delete instruments and stuff, maybe. Oh, well.

Best I could ever figure out. Would love to know or have a way to make it work like you described.

Thanks for the input. Yeah, the way you describe with the Advanced Edit process is actually what I’ve been doing up until now. A bit clumbersome, but works OK.
But however, the reason I posted this and what makes the Advanced Edit process no longer a solution for me:

I’ve recently started using Renoise for mastering, after many years with Wavelab, and renoise is awesome and very flexible for this purpose.
I’ve made myself a delicious and rather complex song template for mastering, with lots of mapping to my midi controllers, 8 different buses with individual parallel compression, gain riding stuff, switiching between different renders and whatnot.
So when I render down my mixes, and import them into this template, I want to also have the exact same song structure as in the mix phase, so I can jump around and loop whatever parts I want easily.
But of course - it only takes me about 1-5 minutes to recreate the same structure in the mastering template, depending on how complex the structure was - but having a way to do this automatically would be so sweet :slight_smile: