Copying Instruments...

hey guys,
often when i start making a song i end up in a mess at some point…
a bunch of unnamed tracks, lots of plugins just playing a short fx once in the song and etc.
i then start to render selections to new samples and open up a second instance of renoise…

i start to copy the instruments and patterns from the old song in to the new one (2nd instance)
i dont have any problems with the patterns but with the instruments…
some times it works, some times i have to click “copy” on the instrument several times until it really gets pasted into
the new song… some times it doesnt work at all… i click copy dozens of times but end up with “New Sample 01/02/03…” in
the new song…

whats wrong with that? or… whats wrong with me?
is there a trick or a better way to do that?
or am i the only one doing this?^^

thank you very much!

There’s two offline tools that come to mind.

XRNI Ripper:

XRNS Merge:

The first lets you rip instruments, the second let’s you merge songs. Not necessarily a solution per say, but it could be used to improve your workflow.

Same problem here. In most cases it works for me when I copy the instrument, paste it again to its origin source and THEN paste it to the other instance.