Copying Is Not Theft

short n sweet :D


Yay, lets give the full Renoise for free to everyone!

Then everyone can enjoy Renoise…

How come I did not think of that before!?

Now wait a minute how will Tactic get food on his table and how will he pay for this website…
Nah Tactic is a robot he should be happy that he can code Renoise for us!

Who wants to work anyway?

Hurray once again! Lets create that dreamworld.

This is great, ownership sucks, next time me and my 10 friends go to Berlin we will just come to your place Johann.

I mean afterall we are not stealing anything and you share our view on that one should not pay for something since is not stealing ;) Because its makes the world a better place.

Well I might as well borrow your identity? Since I don’t steal it right? You still have it left don’t you I mean you can’t own something that another can copy for free when its soo easy why in the world would anyone want that?

We have a saying in sweden shared joy is twice as fun.

Uhh, well, actually you would be, since you cannot just copy my place and occupy it. It’s basic physics…

Huh? I posted a video. Without any comments. How would you know what I think about copyright? Oh, right. It’s the fucktard forum, I forget so quickly :lol:

Again, actually you would be. Just like a physical place cannot be occupied by two things at the same time, an identity cannot be shared. Feel free to imitate me if you can, be a clone to the last detail… just don’t steal my address pointer, or horrible stuff will happen. :panic:

Seriously, this isn’t worth discussing with shitty analogies. I’d be the first to admit copyright isn’t the problem, it’s our addiction to “content”… and also that copyright actually protects open source, too. I like copyright, really… but I also like cartoons and willbe’s music… so hmmm…

Haha! You also have another slightly less known saying in Sweden: that shared Johann is the most delicious dessert any group of Swedish women can possibly enjoy!

Now obviously your survival, or rather, procreation, depends on withholding that information from them… so I can understand your stance, I just don’t have any pity :o

Just to humour you… if there was no copyright, people would still have the urge to create and to improve things. I know I would, since I fucking kick ass ( :lol:) and haven’t seen a penny for it yet. Now that I think of it, doing it for money would be like fucking for money… EWWW.

So maybe lack of copyright would make a lot of crap go away, which in turn might make the creative people stand out more, and get them voluntary support from those in their vicinity? Which might be more than enough to put food on the family… of course it’s highly hypothetical, but hey, if you’re going to talk about dream worlds, have some imagination, too… don’t just bring up poor starving Taktik as if that was the whole picture.

If we all lived, uhhh, more normally, grew our own food and stuff… and someone suggested “hey, I wanna make myself solely dependant on artificially enforced scarcity”, I’d tell them, “DON’T. FUCKING. DO. THAT.” Well, I wasn’t around, nobody asked me… so why should I now feel responsible for people who would die if there was no copyright? Why should I be held hostage by that? Let them die, and Renoise with them. There, I said it, just to slaughter a holy cow. <_<

Bad movie, I’m sure it’s copyright are belong to Hugo Chavez & Co., or the Chinese gov who sells the shit back to us…

You are sure?



The video came off to me as an socialist advert…
Copying is simply a theft if it’s not allowed to by the creator, the message in this video is crazy but might just be spot on if your name is Hugo Chavez ;)

You miss the point. The point is that the video claims that copying is not stealing so its allright.
Since they think they can decide what is allright for all people based on their belief.

I assume that I should also be allowed to decide that it is allright to “borrow” you appartment since I claim I´m not stealing it. Or is it more up to them to decide than to me? Than on what grounds?

The argument they have is just as invalid or valid as my argument for borrowing your appartment.

Yes, I just assumed that if you post a propaganda video without a comment you should be able to stand for the video.
If I post a nazi propaganda without a comment would you not belive I was a nazi?
That is why I don’t post nazi videos, since I´m not a nazi.

Now I do understand that you are perhaps not a hardcore pirate, and you more thought it was a cool video. Nontheless I´m a bit fedup with the nonsence arguments for no copying could ever be theft.

Se my previous answer.

Well the video is imho the first shitty analogy ;) But I have to admit it was well done propaganda.

Than what are you waiting for, come over here and get some swedish women :) I would be happy to help you out.

Which reminds me of another swedish saying…Lots of talk little workshop. Though se my previous answer.

No offense taken, I love humor :)
Yes you are right you would still make things happen.
However not everyone is or can be like you.
I can also tell you don’t have a family to support.

No I will leave him out of it, that was kind of low of me…

Ok if thats your view. I would say its kind of egocentric view, its like:

Shit, I wasn’t around to decide that you should live, I might as well kill you indirect by poluting your air or whatever.

And my guess is that you are against poluting of the earth?

Anyway…Thanks for the discussion.

The video is just some cutesy little thing. If you are serious about the issue, follow through to the site it’s promoting:

The video is just meant to evoke a reaction. There is more depth to copyright reform than what is being discussed here, which is nothing other than mud slinging and predictable trolling.

It depends in what context. Creating a personal backup copy is not a theft, but copying from another source without paying is a theft.

Oh, and just to contribute to the ever growing problem of narcissists claiming greatness without actually doing anything worthy of praise, that bicycle argument in the Question Copyright FAQ looks very 1999 familiar to me…

Edit: In my defence I’ve mellowed out over the last 10 years… and I never would have predicted iTunes to be viable at the time. :)

But, if I value exposure over money… iTunes doesn’t work for most non-commercial artists. I know this because I have made 2 dollars from iTunes over the last few years, lost thousands of dollars on my record label, but making music and sharing it with my peers has opened many more doors (both socially and economically) than trying to sell music as if it were fresh apples at the farmers market.

You should’ve stuck with Skale Tracker just a little while longer, like me :P

Nuh uh!…/release/890348

I left a scar on skale tracker. :P

And how much money did you made on kicking Skale Tracker?

Not a dime. Timbaland ripped me off :(