Copying only single column without the note

Hi, if you look at the image I am trying to copy only the effect in the volume column but when i paste it, the note it’s attatched to copys with it. Can I copy specific columns only eg fx column?

edit: I just found out I can do it with the fx column, but the volume column is proving elusive

You can do these steps with the mouse:

  1. Press and hold the [ALT] command.
  2. make an area selection with the mouse (click more drag) above the volume column.

With these 2 operations you should have only part of the selected volume column

  1. After: [CTRL + C] and [CTRL + V] on the destination pattern-track.

Select the entire volume column or part of it only with the alphanumeric keyboard:

  1. Place the cursor on the volume column, for example, on the first line.
  2. Press [ALT + Z] or [ALT + A] or [ALT + Q] to select several areas (down, up or block).
  3. After: [CTRL + C] and [CTRL + V] on the destination pattern-track.
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woah thanks! Was this listed in the manual anywhere?

Well I do not know! :sweat_smile:

I had a look before posting and couldn’t find it, how did you find out about these shortcuts?

By practicing while I compose. As you use Renoise, you will realize that it has many “hidden” things.

Oh that’s really cool thanks again

I’ve been editing a lot of stuff recently, making the Pattern & Phrase Editor sections more distinct and moving the commonalities into the Tracker Interface section, which is where you’ll find that information now.

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