Copyright Criminals Contest

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I think, at least this is a nice opportunity to get some really cool samples :)

There’s alot of good samples in there… 256mb’s in just the update - whats funny is that this is called “copyright criminals”, and they have an updated section where they mention public enemy giving the OK to use the voice overs from one of the members… but in the voice over he’s talking about how he used to steal samples and it was a golden time when you could get away with it for free and justifies his current sampling… it’s just funny to have that attitude, but have the need to give an ok on a voice over from a personal interview. I just don’t justify it anymore… if I want a sample, I’ll use it- anything that I know would sound good mutilated re-orchestrated. I don’t care if people sample me. I would get pissed though if if someone yanked the whole song and called it theirs. With hip-hop and rap though, eight bars is cutting it pretty close- especially considering the fact that alot of artist don’t even alter that much audio, they just throw an extra kick and snare with a bass line- I’m not too into all that- IMO it’s a little uncreative, more like a genre crossing remix, but still never the less- it’s not the same song and nobody is buying it because it sounds like the other guy, or else they would just buy the origional record- I think sampling is all good as long as it’s taken out of it’s origional context.