Could Anyone Direct Me To This Song/artist?

A few years a go I downloaded a trial of Renoise, and remember being immensely impressed with one of the demo songs… Unfortunately, for the life of me, I cannot remember the track title or artist. So, all I have to offer is a mere description:

  • There was a cleverly packaged message that replaced the pattern numbers, mentioning something along the lines of ‘don’t listen to them, they’ll… blah…’
  • I remember it sounding granular and sort of droning.
  • Might have been titled, ‘The Crusade’ or something similar.

Sorry for this textual OCD, it’s been driving me up the walls trying to find this song.



considering the reference to crusade, maybe it is a song from Beat Battle 5 “Underwater”?

here you can download the songs. There is no song called “the crusade”, but maybe some titles would turn your lights on.

As far as I remember, there has never been a song with that title among the demosongs.

I think you might be talking about ‘Ghost Debts’ by MMD:

The Masquerade, perhaps? keith303

That’s it! Much appreciated, man. :yeah:
Not sure how I mixed it up with the Keith303 track, heheheh.