Could It Be? An Osc Tracker!?!?!?

i just found my new hobby!

Oh get a room, you two.

Now here’s something I’ve never heard of; OSC. I’m trying to check out SuperCollider and Pure Data and I kinda understand that it’s a different sound environment where you program your music in a graphical GUI.

But I still don’t fully get what’s the big deal, as I said, I’ve NEVER heard of this before! :)

Is this just programmer’s delight or something I could get into?

Just read through a couple of FAQ’s, seems my gut instinct was correct; Programmer’s delight. :P

i kind of see it as a natural progression to tracking.
since with tracking its pretty much just lowlevel dsp programming anyway. :)
(thats at least what outsiders see.)
i feel tracking is somewhat of a primer to actual dsp programming.
(just grassroots like a mofo)
we have a command set, theorys, structure. along with many techniques, to many different things like make the modules quicker & lighter…etc.

there is a big gap between tracking an the top level opensource dsp packages, my interest atm is bridging that void.

theres a whole area where ppl are using OSC to control opensource 3dgraphics engines ,2dgraphics, video, an of course sound.

supercollider3 uses a simplified version of OSC for all of its communication between client an server. thats why sc3 is with such high regard. well and that it has been refined to be like brucelee (small quick an toned)an not fat albert(big bulky an slow)
the funny thing about that tho is , james mccartney intended it to be a ‘fat-server’ with ‘things-inside’.

ps. i shouldnt have wrote OSC Tracker in the title of this thread, the only thing that is tracker-like, is the fact it goes down instead of hangin to the right :D