Could Renoise Go Microtonal?

Yes, it definitely would! Getting a little bored with the chromatic scale.

Modplug tracker has support for microtonal and it also loads scala files (.scl), from version 1.18, more info here:

hey! thanks for the info. can’t seem to access that page. you were logged in to your account when you copied the link?

Oh yes, forgot you have to be member on the forum to get access to develoment corner, otherwise it is possible to compile the source yourself from sourceforge. I recommend from sourceforge, since a lot has been changed since january.

Thanks for the heads up Rakib! Will check it out in a minute, haven’t worked with modplug for years! Is it possible that you share the newest compiled version somewhere? Haven’t got the special powers myself ;) to compile it.

Hope not anybody is offended by the talk about modplug here.
But I’m sorry but I don’t have the latest release here.

I recommend that you download the latest release from sourceforge here:

This contains a some files, extract it in a folder.

And then register at the forum and then download the beta release, the file contains just modplug.exe and not the other files, then overwrite it to the original modplug folder.

Here is a great explanation on how to apply microtonal:


bump 'cause I won’t give up! :)

If importing scale files to change a sample instrument’s frequency table will not be implemented soon, can a script magician please look into the prospect of using 2XX or 1XX pattern command values to simulate different scales? :drummer:

Reading a bunch of posts back in this thread, apparently the new timing system since the release of Renoise 2.0 makes it possible to have better resolution finetuning samples using these commands.

I read through this thread, and I too immediately thought, “SCRIPTING”! So if anyone great at scripting could help, do so please.

help us escape the traditional western scale!

For now, if desired you can try this solution.

I posted it yesterday I think…as of time of writing(22:41 Greenwich Mean Time 22.1.11 or 1.22.11 if u live in the states) it is the last post in the thread.

If this thread is read later, just look for my post with a link to Tobybear Insbag.

Something that bugged me for months and I found a pretty good solution (4 me anyway).

Hope this helps :walkman:

Thnx for the tip Tarek, seems to work!

F%^&*-in X-ellent!! :yeah:

Glad to be of service…once I figured it out, never gave me any problems :walkman:

Just out of curiosity how would alternative tunings work with external plugins? It would be cool if Renoise could support those, maybe by sending proper MIDI pitchbends (as previously discussed regarding tobybear plugin). Actually, is there a host that supports alternative tunings for external instruments?

dunno how it would work with vsti, I don’t think the protocol handles microtuning, not sure though. I’d want to have this for renoise sample use. check the microtuner,
in combination with energy-xt, bidule, or the new vstforx

sweet, might even be better than my solution(how did i miss it? :rolleyes: ) as it says add microtonal capabilities to any vsti!!

just to clarify, what do you mean by, in combination with energy-xt, bidule, or the new vstforx ?

as you know renoise cant route midi between plugins.
so you need some kind of modular host vst to connect the midi ports of the plugins (microtuner + synth).

  • to get a microtuner vst(i) (or even mfx plugs) sending its pitchbend messages to the actual synth.


some dev builded a microtune peermachine for buzz and also implemented this feature into his own plugins.
reaper has some nifty js plugins too. but i think via midi-pitchbend automation you can microtune every synth in a DAW and outside of it.
otherwise iirc a few synth do that already on its own e.g. commercial: absynth / free: oatmeal

future of microtuning in Renoise is looking bright thnx to Dblue: Snippet: Load Scala .Scl Tuning File


he is a bloody wizard!!! :yeah: