Could Someone Help Me On Some Lead

just got the begining of a song dont know if you people like its not much but really dont know what melody or chords to put on top been messing with loads of synths and melodys and really cant think could anyone help i really would appreciate it cheers song is here : My Webpage (I say song its like only a few seconds long lol) :walkman:

take the drums out.

are the drums shit?

There is really not a lot to go by yet. It would be like you asking me if my outfit looks good so far and all I am wearing is a banana hammock.

I would recommend adding a little more.

If you cannot think of anything then come back to it at a later date. Sit and load up different synth samples and or vsts, twiddle some knobs, like some random stuff and see if you end up with a nice melody and then your next step is integrating it into your song.

Every once in a while I hum while working and come up with nice melodies. The bad part is I forget them minutes after words.

Don’t force it. When I cannot write I just do something else.

Did I mention how much I enjoy Redtube? (g)

haha redtube porno site? cheers mate yeah i just got a memory block cant work on it, i wish i had the talent half the people here lol, its just annoying when you cant think of stuff to fit in i am loving the t909 drum machine at the moment so i thought the drums in it were alright but i am always looking at improvement so if people dont like the drums i want to know why is it just they dont go or different they sound out of tempo etc i like to find fault to improve on but thanks for helping both it means a lot to imporve in the future :)